Had a lovely 1 YR Anniversary Weekend

As the title very obviously states, this past weekend (sunday 10th, actually) my husband and I celebrated our first year of being married!! We had a great weekend at the park with the dogs, having wine and champagne with close friends and treating ourselves to delicious foods…. yum!

We didn’t actually PLAN anything, it all just really worked out by itself and it was fantastic. Really I think we were mostly in shock that a whole year passed so quickly. I mean, really, I can still hear the music on my wedding night and can still taste the champagne/passion fruit drinks I had all night… hmmmm it was such a great day…

With all the good time we had this weekend, I didn’t think to take any snapshots of us lovebirds, BUT I did get some pretty fun pics of the girls…

this is my favorite, wrestling for the oh so desired tree branch…


And as for most of monday, I spent the day doing household chores and daydreaming about crafting (of the knitting, crocheting and sewing variety)..

oh and there was some window shopping on Pinterest too 😉

I found this, and really, it gives doilies an entirely new look doesn’t it?? I think I will be trying this soon..


very vintage modern take on doilies... love!



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